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Customer and/or Client wheter a paid for or gratis service provided by New York Firearm Solutions, Inc. agrees to hold harmless New York Firearm Solutions, its attorneys, insurers, officers, directors, stockholders, agents, servants, representatives, contractors, employees, successors, predecessors, assigns, parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries, whether named herein or not, from any claims, demands, controversies, actions, or causes relating to or arising out of our processing, handling, and/or conducting Client’s training session(s) scheduled or unscheduled, or any disputes related to Client’s training sessions, whether known or unknown, as of the date of deposit rendered to Customer and/or Client for said course.

You understand and agree that neither New York Firearm Solutions (herein known as “Company”), nor any person acting on behalf of the Company, including staff, agents, representatives, contracted staff, hosted instructors, volunteers, and/or property owners/controllers of event locations may be held liable in any way for any event which occurs in connection with activity that may result in injury, death or damage.

Your participation in the Services, Classes, Instructions, Events is voluntary. You know and are aware of the risks associated with your participation in this course, and you acknowledge that firearms will be discharged with live ammunition. You acknowledge that this activity has the potential for danger, injury and the possibility of death.

In consideration for being allowed to participate in the event, you hereby personally assume all risks in connection with this event and hereby release and hold harmless the Company, or anyone acting on behalf from liability for injury, death or damage which may befall you during this event, whether foreseen or unforeseen, however caused and whether or not caused by the negligence, active or passive, of the Company or any person acting on behalf.

You will abide by the commands of range staff, instructors, contracted instructors, and/or hosted instructors at all times and follow all rules of the range, location, instructors, staff, or special circumstances. You also understand that failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your participation in our Services, Classes, Instructions, Events and forfeit and without refund of any monies given by you to attend  our Services, Classes, Instructions, Events.

You are of legal age (min 18 years old) to acknowledge these terms and if a minor & applicable, you will have a parent and or legal guardian present at all times at our Services, Classes, Instructions, Events and that your parent and/or legal guardian will sign on your behalf and be responsible for you and under their immediate direct supervision while you participate in our Services, Classes, Instructions, Events.

You further state that you understand that the terms herein are contractual and not a mere recital and that you acknowledge these terms on your own free act. The terms of this agreement shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for heirs, executor, administrator and all members of your family. You will also be required to sign the Liability Waiver, release & Indeminity Agreement listed & protrayed below: