We continue to operate under strict Safety Protocols in which we will enforce for the foreseeable future for entry into our Facility because of the fluid situation with Covid-19 and ongoing variants. ALL “In-Person” Classes (Combo and/or Single) that are scheduled will have limited attendee participation offering Premium “PRIVATE” Combo and/or Single Pistol Permit and/or Defensive Classes to conform with Safety Protocols.

These courses offers the successful Instructor Led Training for a informative combination In-Person Safety Instruction that includes rules of gun safety, operation of rim fire and center fire revolvers and semi-automatics, shooting stances, proper grip of shooting hand and support hand, five fundamentals of accurate shooting, sight adjustments, grouping shots, reading and scoring targets, and shooting exercises followed by shooters qualification levels. Some of the topics in these courses also include: ammunition knowledge and selection, selecting and storing a pistol, the fundamentals of shooting, and pistol inspection and maintenance, etc.
The Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Led Training consists of two (2) Split Sessions of four (4) hours each Session(or may in the future be available for one (1) eight (8) hour session). For applicable students who require LF and pursuant to NYS SAFE ACT guidleines, subsequent LF Portion will be scheduled at a later date under the guidance & supervision of a Certified Firearm Instructor.. These Safety Courses are also valuable for anyone who will be handling all types of Firearms (Handguns and/or Rifles) even if no Pistol Permit is desired.

We have developed on an ongoing basis a two (2) Part Sessions with Part I In-Person Classroom Portion of the Safety Course(s) with Part II In-Person Session(s). Total of eight (8) hours.

These special Combo Courses consists of the In-Person of the Complete & Comprehensive Session(s) of the Basic Pistol Safety Course I.L.T. (Instructor Led Training) Course that teaches the Basic Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary for responsible citizens to own and operate a Firearm safely & effectively.

The 1st Session of this course (which continues & concludes in the 2nd Session) (Basic Safety Pistol Course) currently FULFILLS the Safety Training Requirements for most jurisdictions Pistol Permit Process Requirements for New York State, Conneticut & others. It also satisfies requirements in most jurisdictions in New York State for "upgrades" to FULL/UNRESTRICTED CARRY" (with LF) and for Connecticut IN/OUT of State Pistol Permit.
We also are able to speak to you on the phone and conduct business for all your Firearm, Accessories, Courses requirements and with any sales be able to Transfer purchases on a “One on One” Private Appointment Basis. Call us at 845.704.7756 for more details.
The course is intended for all law abiding adults regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation.
Successful completion of this course enables a student to currently apply for a New York State Pistol Permit, New York State Permit UPGRADE to FULL CARRY & Connecticut IN or OUT of STATE Pistol Permit.
NRA Basic PIstol Course - Instructor Led Training