As of 5/15/20 Range Avaialbility is still UNDTERMINED die to COVID - 19
1. Call US at 845.704.7756
2. Reserve available Dates & Time

3. Range Times are booked via 1/2 Hour Sessions ONLY

4. Range Time is booked at $22 per person per 1/2 Hour (As of 5/15/20 only one (1) person allowed to utilize VIrtual Range at appointment session.

5. Range Time Includes approx 180 Laser BlowBack Firearm) All subsequent Mag Fill is charged at $10 Extra each approx 90 Shots)
6.. Must Arrive for Range Time 5 minutes prior; REMAIN in your Vehicle, Call us at 845.704.7756 to adivse that us of your arrival.

7. We will give you access to our Facility

PLEASE BE ADVISED that as of 5/15/20 all Clients who enter our Facility to adhere to strict CDC & WHO Safety Protocol guidlelines for Social Distancing.

We Require Hand & Facial Protection (Gloves & Mask)