To initiate a Consignment Sale of your Long Rifle or Handgun, all you need to do is bring in the Firearm (if it is a handgun, in NYS, it MUST be listed on your NYS Pistol Permit), we fill out the Consignment Form (one (1) page) and that is it! Then sit back as we advertise it at no additional cost to you to our customers via email, website and in store display. You set the High/Low price of the Firearm and we assist you in the process to obtain the fairest market price for your Firearm based on the condition, age, etc. 

We are proud to offer you our Consignment Services. We take personal pride in offering Firearms to our customers that you may want to sell and treat them as our very own! We want both parties to be happy with the transaction(s). There is no special paperwork to offer your Firearms for sale via our Shop (except a Consignment Referral that states the terms, conditions, price, etc.)

We charge a nominal fee (gross percentage of the total agreed sale price + all applicable taxes & fees). The buyer of your Firearm will receive a Transfer Receipt of the sale. If it is a Handgun in NYS, the receipt for the Buyer will be used to add the Handgun on the Pistol Permit & you, the Seller will use the receipt to remove it from your Pistol Permit.

How Much
Does It Cost?

Please Be Advised that the pictures depicted are for display pruposes only & may not represent acutual Firearm(s) that we currently have for Sale on Consignment

How Does
It Work?

You may contact us anytime at FFL Services Info or give us a call at 845.704.7756

Thanks & Have A SAFE Day!