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Offering a great concealed weapons class in Brewster, NY
A skilled NRA instructor in Brewster, NY
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A wide variety of firearm safety classes

New York Firearm Solutions, Inc. [NY FireSol] provides professional firearms instruction in a variety of disciplines to obtain your NY State and Connecticut pistol permits from basic safety and firearms handling skills through personal defense firearms training in and outside of the home.
Whether you're a new or experienced firearm owners, fear not! We are here for you.
Regardless of your shooting experience, our gun safety course teaches the core fundamentals of firearm safety so that you can visit the range with safety as your primary goal. We teach you how to properly handle your firearm(s). We also instruct on the proper procedures on how to safely transport and store your firearms as well as how to keep children safe around firearms.
For those of you considering Firearm ownership , fear not! We are here for you.
Our special gun safety classes will prepare you for ultimately owning a firearm. We will assist every step of the way to ensure that you make an educated decision on the type of firearm that is best suited for your needs. We also will instruct you about the many types of accessories available that you may need or want when you purchase your firearm. Of course we will ultimately instruct you on to safely handle your firearm once it has been purchased.
And for those who are just curious about firearms, we are here for you too!
At some point, you may be just curious about possibly owning a firearm. This is why it becomes very important and vital that you learn about the truth about all types of firearms, dispelling the myths. We offer many different types and levels of NRA courses, including one-on-one personal training. Educate, educate, educate. Any type of firearm is not dangerous unless the individual handling the firearm is uneducated in all aspects of firearm safety.
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Professional gun safety classes in Brewster, NY
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Senate Bill S2450A
2019-2020 Legislative Session
Relates to requirements for the Safe Storage of Rifles, Shotguns and Firearms; repeals sections of law related thereto with children in the home.
Click Below to download Senate Bill
Senate Bill S2374
2019-2020 Legislative Session
Relates to Establishing an extension of time of up to Thirty (30) calendar days for NICS (National Instant Background Checks)
Senate Bill S1414
2019-2020 Legislative Session
Relates to Establishing certain crimes relating to the Criminal Possession or Manufacture of an undetectable Firearm, Rifle, Shotgun  (3D Printing)
Click Below to download Senate Bill
Click Below to download Senate Bill
Your 2A Rights
Under Seige
Your 2A Rights
Under Seige